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Your Beauty is Already In There

When I was in Kindergarten, I changed my name to Peggy. I didn’t tell my parents or even my teacher. I just started writing “Peggy” in the top right hand corner of my papers. I guess by process of elimination, the teacher figured out they were my papers. She called my mom to tell her about my stealth name-change. My mom asked me why I was now wanting to be Peggy, and I told her about the beautiful woman who lived across the street. She was young and pretty and blond and she wore halter tops. Really feminine ones. And I wanted to look like her and act like her, so I thought I would start by taking her name....

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips

As seen in Real Simple Magazine by Abigail Wise "'Tis the season for turkey, stuffing—and serious sales. Whether you're trying to knock holiday shopping off your to-do list or you're in the market for a new TV, Black Friday and Cyber Monday seem to offer opportunities for big price cuts. But is one retail holiday better than the other, and do you have to shop on either one to snag the best deals? We talked to the experts to map out the pros and cons of Black Friday versus Cyber Monday—and to see if it's better to hold off altogether.Black FridayMore than 60 percent of shoppers prefer to shop in-store, according to one survey. For some, Black Friday is a...

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